Micelaneo.com is a public website that provides technology and offers service solutions to buy and guide over the Internet. We are a facilitator of a diversity of services. We offer products that are supplied by different companies from which we make sure they have a high level of credibility in your area. In Micelaneo.com we hope that every visit is of excellent customer satisfaction for those who surf our website.

In Micelaneo.com  you can find everything from low-cost flights, hotels, products of alternative energy, electronics and computers, low-cost international calling plans, among other products and services.

What we are

A team looking satisfy the demand for products and services on the web. Micelaneo.com‘s suppliers are known and legally constituted companies, helping to create a framework of trust for our visitors on the website.

Our Motto

Serve with honesty, transparency, timeliness and quality in every service required on our website.

Privacy Policy

At Micelaneo.com we do not collect personal information for us or for a third party. Our site can redirects some click advertisements  of third party which has its own privacy policy. Micelaneo.com not it is responsible for the privacy policies of affiliates promoted on our website. Any email you provide to us will be for internal use which may result in promotions of your interest. If you subscribe your email this will be with your consent to receive some information relevant to you.

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