You should seek advice before completing any travel purchases. The Experts at have 5 good tips to offer you:

  1. Do not purchase when everyone is buying. Buy your ticket during the hours when Internet traffic is lower, i.e. Wednesday morning or Tuesday early afternoon. Due to high demand on the internet during certain hours, airlines, hotel chains, car rentals, etc. tend to raise their prices.
  2. When possible, during major holidays, travel on dates that are different than most travelers, i.e. do not travel the day before or after the major holiday, as this will most likely be the highest demand for traveldates. Try to book return travel mid-week after the holiday.
  3. Look at different travel providers, and compare prices. offers different travel agencies. Although prices tend to be the same between travel agencies, some have promotional discounts or discount codes that may lower their online prices.
  4. Avoid buying very close to the start date of your travel. Try to purchase one to two months before the dates, and in the very least two weeks prior to traveling. We at understand that there are unexpected circumstances that do not allow for such early planning. If this happens, we suggest that you make purchases during the early morning or pre-dawn hours, as demand is lower during these hours, and therefore prices may be lower for same-day/same-week booking.
  5. For those purchasing flights with flexible travel dates: On travel date, you may want to volunteer at the ticket counter or gate for a change of flight, as flights may be overbooked during major holidays. Airlines tend to offer flight vouchers for those who volunteer, along with re-booking their flight. A staff member at was offered an $800 flight voucher along with a new flight due to over-booking.

If you have any comments or questions, you may fill-out the form located under the CONTACT tab.

It is always a good idea to leave a good impression with the hotel staff, so try to be as courteous as possible with the personnel assisting you. When arriving to the Reservations Desk at your hotel, you may ask if there are any free upgrades available. During some off-season dates, the hotel may have a number of rooms available and may be willing to upgrade your room free of charge, you just need to ask with a smile. Our Experts at have used this tip a number of times to upgrade from a regular double roomto a room with a King size bed.

When you get to the counter of the hotel is to be as courteous as possible with staff serving this gives you a good impression to the person working your reservation. Not others ask for a better upgrade for the room to be free and that sometimes there is little employment in the hotel and the representative can give you a better room. For example if your booking was a double can ask for a king size. Find a room

Before traveling, you may want to ask your bank about its Credit Card Benefits Policy on Car Rentals. Most benefits policies include a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage for rental vehicles when the credit card is used. The CDW insurance tends to be one of the most expensive for a car rental. If your Credit Card does include this coverage, you can decline this when renting a vehicle. Some cards may cover up to US$75,000.

If travel will ask for your bank if your credit card insurance includes collision damage waiver (CDW) this insurance is one of the most difficult in the rent a car.

Should be included in the time of decline this insurance income. Normally this card insurance can cover up to $ 75,000.

Many travelers opt for a car booking many several reasons the most common is for business. Therefore, many of the companies that lead the market will always try to captivate those customers for the large amount of annual rent they reserve.

How to see a cheap car:
-Compare different cheap car rental rates.
-Prepay for your rental and get some of the cheapest rates.
-Check for the coupon.
-Set a price drop alert and get an email when prices are low for your location.
-Avoid with airport locations have higher prices. An off-airport drop-off rental location will also help you to make big savings.

At, we feel that our users could benefit from different offers, and so we have made available a section just on Deals. Here you will find a listing of different companies that have daily deals available for you. We invite you to visit the Deals section every day to see what is being offered, and you may save up to 90% on some products or services.

In we think that users can benefit from different types of offer, so we have enabled our Deals section, in this section you will find different companies offering different deals every day, we invite you to visit us every day and see offers from day and save up to 90% on certain products or services.

Spring Break is round the corner! Let’s escape the winter cold and have Fun in the Sun lounging on beautiful, pristine beaches under golden rays. Spring break (AKA March Break, Mid-Term Break, or Easter Break) is a time in early spring at universities and schools ranging from the beginning of March to mid-late April.

Maldives and Dubai win top hotels of 2015 awards

Here are the winners of  13th annual Travelers’ Choice:
1. Gili Lankanfushi Maldives – Lankanfushi, Maldives
2. Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens – La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica
3. Shinta Mani Club Siem Reap – Siem Reap, Cambodia
4. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace – Budapest, Hungary
5. Belmond Palacio Nazarenas – Cusco, Peru
6. Cocoa Island by COMO – Cocoa Island, Maldives
7. Hotel Alpin Spa Tuxerhof – Tux, Austria
8. Al Maha Desert Resort – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
9. Hotel Estalagem St. Hubertus – Gramado, Brazil
10. Tambo del Inka, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa – Urubamba, Peru

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