Antivirus for Games

Norton 360 for Gamers. The protection you need for your PC, game accounts, and digital assets.

Level up your protection without compromising your game.

Norton 360 for Gamers. The protection you need for your PC, game accounts, and digital assets..More

Gamers face unique cyberthreats.

PRIVACY Threats:
DDoS Attacks
Exposed IP Address

DEVICE Threats:
Device takeover
Malicious Downloads

Gamer tag(s) on the dark web
Webcam takeovers

Norton 360 for Gamers. Advanced protection, fewer notifications.

Continuously patrol the dark web and private forums looking for your gamer tag(s)
Shields your IP address with bank-grade encryption from players and spectators
Notifications are optimized and limited to attacks, expirations and unused features.

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the Coronavirus that’s impacting the world.The rapid spread of the coronavirus and the illness it causes called COVID-19 has sparked alarm worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency, and many countries are grappling with a rise in confirmed cases. In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is advising people to be prepared for disruptions to daily life that will be necessary if the coronavirus spreads within communities.

Does the coronavirus spread person-to-person? Yes, the virus can spread from one person to another, most likely through droplets of saliva or mucus carried in the air for up to six feet or so when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Viral particles may be breathed in, land on surfaces that people touch, or be transferred when shaking hands or sharing a drink with someone who has the virus.

What is the incubation period for the coronavirus? An incubation period is the time between being exposed to a germ and having symptoms of the illness. Current estimates suggest that symptoms of COVID-19 usually appear around five days on average, but the incubation period may be as short as two days to as long as 14 days.

What are the symptoms of the new coronavirus? Fever, dry cough, and trouble breathing are the common symptoms of COVID-19. There have been some reports of gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea) before respiratory symptoms occur, but this is largely a respiratory virus.

What do you need? You should clean your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and if you have any symptoms you should protect your face with a mask. It would be a wise, preventive measure to ensure that everyone in your household has a face mask.

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