You should seek advice before completing any travel purchases. The Experts at have 5 good tips to offer you:

  1. Do not purchase when everyone is buying. Buy your ticket during the hours when Internet traffic is lower, i.e. Wednesday morning or Tuesday early afternoon. Due to high demand on the internet during certain hours, airlines, hotel chains, car rentals, etc. tend to raise their prices.
  2. When possible, during major holidays, travel on dates that are different than most travelers, i.e. do not travel the day before or after the major holiday, as this will most likely be the highest demand for traveldates. Try to book return travel mid-week after the holiday.
  3. Look at different travel providers, and compare prices. offers different travel agencies. Although prices tend to be the same between travel agencies, some have promotional discounts or discount codes that may lower their online prices.
  4. Avoid buying very close to the start date of your travel. Try to purchase one to two months before the dates, and in the very least two weeks prior to traveling. We at understand that there are unexpected circumstances that do not allow for such early planning. If this happens, we suggest that you make purchases during the early morning or pre-dawn hours, as demand is lower during these hours, and therefore prices may be lower for same-day/same-week booking.
  5. For those purchasing flights with flexible travel dates: On travel date, you may want to volunteer at the ticket counter or gate for a change of flight, as flights may be overbooked during major holidays. Airlines tend to offer flight vouchers for those who volunteer, along with re-booking their flight. A staff member at was offered an $800 flight voucher along with a new flight due to over-booking.

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